Susan Jakobi for Lalor (VIC): “I shall return quality and enjoyment of life to working people and families”

My Programme for Return of the ‘Vision Splendid Ideal’ for Working Families: –

Producerism  |  Prosperity  |  Independence .


  1. Replace the enslaving, unsustainable neo-liberal economics of Big Business, for Australianist National Self-Sufficiency economics.
    AUSTRALIANS TO OWN, create, grow, manufacture, build, service all requirements via Public Enterprises, Private business/Companies, Co- operatives, Mutual Enterprises, with Steady State outcomes securing Producerism and Integrity.
  2. Jettison nihilistic New Start/Unemployment pittance schemes, and avail all working people with employment opportunity for income stability in a Public Work Job Guarantee Programme.
  3. Reinstate a Commonwealth Volunteer Force for skills development, focusing on youth through paid work training in Manufacturing, Public Services/ Administrations, Agriculture, Public Lands Management.
  4. Return to Free Tertiary Education, including Trade Schools, available for all Australian Youth, to secure wealth creating skills. All overseas student intakes to end.
  5. Take back Public Ownership of the Essential Services of Gas and Electricity, sold without authority by the Lib/Lab political caste, and enable
    keep bills low.
  6. Undermining cheap immigrant labour, and destructive multicultism to end.  Australian Culture and Heritage to be reinstated for a purposeful, bonded and inclusive community with a future!



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