Oct 2015: Party Re-registration takes new direction

We were advised today (Oct 30, 2015) by the Australian Electoral Commission (which has our application before it to review the decision to deregister the party) that additional membership ‘tests’ were carried out last week.

These tests related to our claim that the Commission had wrongly counted some of our members as members of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and therefore not eligible to be put forward by us in support of our party registration. It is understood that a “number” of members affirmed their membership of Australia First Party – and not Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

We were advised that “probably in early December” – after a Federal by-election which causes by law all work on party registration matters to cease – further “tests:” may be conducted.

If these tests are successful, the party may be re-registered without us having to go through the process of a new application to register the party.

In any case, the party will continue on certain processes to improve its database and its present recruitment drive.