Australia First extends its frontier into the NT with our True Blue Territorian

John Kearney for NT

“G’day mates, family, friends, followers and associates.

Well this is it; my last go around at having a crack at knocking over the big boys.

We are all getting screwed and it seems no-one gives a rat’s ass.

I have been told by some to tone it down and become something I’m not, well those who know me already realize that doing that is a fruitless exercise.

I take pride in being Australian and letting the wousers know that the word “difference” means going from Beer to Spirits.

I will give it my all for Australia First ex One Nation WA running in the seat of Solomon (Darwin’s Palmeston).

For anyone to vote the majors must realize that our country Australia is being raped, pillaged then squandered at a rate never seen before. How anybody could allow this to happen under our very noses has no conscience.

I remember just 20 years ago most of us could foretell in what direction our children would take … now all of us wonder whether there’s going to be a future at all … and if there is, how long will it be before our children have to fight a war started by the Globalists and Neo-Conservatives?

I like Australia how it was … for our Australia, and those that worked hard and achieved were respected and valued, not taken for granted like we are today!!

Only Australians can turn this around, we must stop voting for a 2 party system that will eventually yield to these Global Elitists or Neocons and totally destroy the very fabric of who we are as a nation. All of us must respect our forebears who worked hard and gave their lives for us to prosper and not squander our future.

Our children are relying on us ??

Australia must be for Australia. It’s always been that way, but only if we Aussies all stick together. 

Our future depends on us.”

Nuf Sed NT Barra

..Territorians know the crocs prefer southern dogs like Adam Giles..

NT Parliament

Vote well, Vote 1

Your Territorian John Kearney

Australia First Party

Join and Vote Australia First“Don’t vote informal. Someone’s got to stop the bastards!”


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