Islamic jihadi attack on NSW Police Headquarters in Sydney

Yesterday, a 15-year-old Islamic Arab male walked from his Sydney home in North Parramatta armed with a loaded semi-automatic pistol in his black Nike backpack.  He prayed to Allah in his Friday afternoon prayers at his Parramatta Mosque, before stalking and jihading nearby NSW Police HQ around 4:30pm.

Nice multicultist gratitude to his tolerant host nation Australia, not.  And we have 12,000 Syrians incoming..thanks to the Liberal-Labor-Greens Coalition of treachery against ordinary Aussies!

NSW Police Headquarters ParramattaNot a very secure building for Sydney’s Middle Eastern Crime Unit, based here.

Parramatta Police StationBetter


The Islamic jihadist gunman turns out to be an Iranian economic welfare seeker, like Lindt Café jihadist Man Haron Monis.  More details shall emerge as the media reveal typical stories of so-called ‘radicalisation’.  As a pubescent 15 year old, the Parramatta Jihadist probably suffered beard envy.

Was the beardless teen jihadi, arse-pumped or otherwise intimidated by IS-sympathetic Islamic muftis to do the fatwa deed against the first infidel exiting the NSW Police HQ building?


Show us a moderate muslim of Middle Eastern Appearance who rejects Sharia Law for Australia!


Islamics in Goulburn SupermaxIt’s about time Canberra footed the bill to run NSW’s Goulburn Supermax gaol costing $300,000 annually to house each of Canberra’s many imported jihadis


So, yesterday in Parramatta this Islamic teen radical lay in wait outside the NSW Police Headquarters for any police officer to walk out of the building. He was described as being “of Middle Eastern Appearance” (of course), dressed in a black robe (so full-blown OMEA) and shouting “Allahu Akbar” – whatever.  He then cold-bloodedly murdered a police staffer, shooting him in the back of the head at point blank range.  Frothing, the jihadist then lingered around waiting for more police to exit the headquarters.

Witnesses to the shooting said the nutjob had been waving the gun above his head.

“I saw him pacing up and down at police headquarters with a gun above his head, he was yelling something and dressed in a black robe,” witness Edwin Almeida said.  “He was wearing something that could be mistaken for a priest’s outfit. It was a black robe, but he definitely wasn’t a priest.” Mr Almeida, whose office is opposite the police headquarters, said four or five shots were fired.

Uniformed police inside the station heard the shots, came out and quickly put the scum down.

It was a planned jihadi attack on NSW Police Headquarters. Sources have said the building had been “cased” and there had been online “chatter” in recent weeks about an impending attack at the heart of NSW Police in Sydney’s now mainly ethnic Parramatta.  Internal emails had been sent to police calling for them to be on special alert because people had been seen taking photographs of the entrance to the building,

“He was screaming and running towards the police building … he looked agitated,” he said.

And apparently Sydney’s Islamic leaders are co-operating with police investigations. Sure they are.

Parramatta MosqueParramatta Mosque at 150 Marsden Street, where the Islamic did his Friday prayers before jihading NSW Police 600m away

Bring in the JCBs!


Police in Sydney and indeed across metropolitan Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are not equipped to deal with imported Islamic terrorism and Middle Eastern Crime.  The Middle East and many parts of Africa are under perpetual ethnic civil war.

Yet the do-gooding samaritian ideology of the Liberals, Labor and Greens alike continually invite in hundreds of thousands of these barbaric scum and expect them to fit it to Australia society.

Our local police have no chance.  Our local police cannot protect Australian society from imported Islamic terror.

Recall on September 23, 2014 – police in Melbourne were attacked by jihadist Numan Haider (18) an Afghan Islamic asylum seeker, who stabbed two counter-terrorism officers at a police station in the Melbourne suburb of Endeavour Hills before they put the scum down.  Harder had been one of up to 50 Australian citizens who had their passports cancelled due to fears that they would join the Islamic State group. He reportedly went to the police station to discuss his cancelled passport.

On February 10, 2015 – heavily armed counter-terrorism police raided a Fairfield granny flat (above) and arrested two men they believe were planning to attack either a Sydney police station or officers on the street. Iraqi-born Omar Al’Kutobi and Kuwaiti national Mohammad Kiad were charged with plotting to carry out a terrorist act.

On April 18, 2015 – NSW Police thwarted an Islamic State terror plot to kill officers with knives and swords in Melbourne on Anzac Day. Five teenagers were arrested in pre-dawn raids. ASIO reportedly had told the family of one suspect to stop their son communicating with an extremist recruiter, who groomed Melbourne terrorist Numan Haider.

Yesterday, co-incidentally, the UK teenage jihadist mastermind, now aged 15 was sentenced to just 5 years gaol in Britain for inciting online Melbourne based Islamic jihadi Sevdet Besim to behead Aussie police in a terror attack on our special Anzac Day.  The teenager, from Blackburn, Lancashire, exchanged more than 3,000 encrypted mobile messages with Arab offspring Sevdet Besim (18) after becoming ‘radicalised’ by online IS propaganda.  Their jihadist plot was in its ‘late stages’ when thwarted jointly by Australian and British intelligence.

Sevdet Besim with beard and fingerSevdet Besim with Allahu Akbar finger and wannabe beard

Co-incidently, did Sevdet Besim in custody have internet access to the Parramatta Jihadi to revenge Islamic payback on the NSW Police who dobbed him in?

In light of recent NSW correctional leniency and associated escapades, most probably.

Muslim champion NSW naive premier Mike Baird is accountable.

Mike Baird tolerant of Islamic muliticulturalismMike Baird:  Sydney embraces a multiculturalism ideology with all its welfare dependency, displacement of Aussies, civil unrest, ethnic crime, imported terror – because apparently Sydney is an exemplar “multicultural society”…as far as I know outside my exclusive electorate in Sydney’s North Shore, so far.


Since May this year, the Police Association of NSW has rightly called for stab-resistant vests for every police officer in New South Wales. It has also sought permission for on-call police to be able to take their guns home with them and asked that officers not work alone, following increased security measures in Victoria.

Mike Baird, Islamism in Sydney has come to this, you friggen idiot!

Police Uniform to deal with IslamicsA good start

Police Protection against IslamistsBetter

It’s time to recognise that Islam with its terror and unconditional Sharia Law are anti-Australian and so Islam needs to be outlawed across Australia as a violent cult.    “Muslims and Australians are widely perceived as mutually exclusive and bipolar opposites.”   (Randa Abdel-Fattah – herself a full-blown Muslim).

Ban the Islamic Cult in Australia

If extreme anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman can been banned from entering Australia, then so too can those holding extreme views and ideologies, aka Muslims.

Police spray IslamistsIslamic Sydney…inch by sharia inch


A message from Australia’s United Patriots Front…

UPF against Islam