As election approaches, Greens have people smugglers on standby

The Third World illegals are poised hoping for a Labor-Greens election victory.

The cash has been obtained, the dodgy boats are ready and some have even flown to staging ports ready to cross by boat to Australia – Ashmore Reef, Christmas Island.

Indonesian People Smugglers

It’s just like under Rudd-Gillard-Milne and the 50,000 illegals they treacherously all but invited into Australia and undemocratically secreted into our unsuspecting community.

Third Worlders seeking welfare, mostly pedo-practising muzzies, no skills, no ID, no background checks. Many criminals, rapists, terrorists, you name it. Consider convicted Rapefugees let loose in Australia:

  • Amir Mohebbifar
  • Hussein al Qalyoon
  • Daxchan Selvarajah (below)
  • Hassan Nagi
  • Ashraf Makary
  • Hakeem Hakeem
  • Bilal Skaf
  • Amit Hamal
  • Ali Jaffari
  • etc, etc.

Bridging Visa

And they’re poised again, tens of thousands of them.

Boat Arrivals

The criminal gang that sent a boatload of Sri Lankan asylum-seekers to Aceh last week has people-smuggling agents in Australia to lure their ‘clients’ into taking the journey, according to refugee advocates at smuggling booking offices in India.

These agents in Australia are Sri Lankans who spoke to the would-be asylum-seekers by phone. They told them how much money they were earning, far in excess of the average Indian wage, and how good life was in Australia.

They were also paid to reinforce the rumours the people-smugglers had been spreading in the Tamil refugee camps in India: that a change of government would lead to a change of policy.

Tamils Sulaima Dewi Subah (25) with husband Mano (27) and Mathu Mitha (4) says her brother-in-law had left three years ago and used the same local agent who approached her family last month.

Plight of Refugees in Australia

Lure is not Asylum but Cash, Big Cash!

This is how the smuggling works:

In order to make the victim have confidence they will get a big income, they put a person on the phone they say is in Australia; this person says how they are able to make money, how they work two to three jobs, and how they have a comfortable life,” said SC Chandrahasan, a refugee advocate in Chennai, India.

“When they change this to Indian rupees, it is very big.”

Mr Chandrahasan referred to the Australian connections as “agents”, and said he believed they were being paid.

Advocates said smuggling gangs arranged for potential clients to speak to people in Australia, who might be working as “kitchen hands or butchers”. When would-be clients converted the wages into rupees it appeared “enormous sums” to people who were working for $200 a month. One advocate, Gladston Xavier, said a family of four in a refugee camp received about 2000 rupees ($40) a month, subsidised rations, access to medical care and access to education from the government.

Immigration Scam

Mr Chandrahasan, head of the Organisation for Eelam Refugee Rehabilitation, which aims to take refugees in India back to Sri Lanka, said: “You would be surprised to hear that in our refugee camps we talk about your politics. The people-smugglers spread the news. When there was a change of prime minister from (Tony) Abbott to Turnbull, people-smugglers were spreading news in the camps that things would be better under the new leader.”

On Aceh’s Lhoknga beach, a key staging post, Sulaima Dewi Subah (25) has said her brother-in-law had left three years ago from the same southern Indian refugee camp where she had grown up. He used the same local agent who approached her family last month selling dreams of a vastly better life in Australia. “My brother-in-law told us he is now in Australia,” she said. “He told us: ‘You come here. Your life will be really good’.”

Ms Subah insisted she had never heard of Australia’s boat turnback policy, nor of its offshore detention facilities, and she had simply taken her brother-in-law and the agent at their words. “They didn’t say anything about this. The agent said there would be no problem and that the boat was safe. That’s why we started sailing.”


People Smugglers ready in Indonesia

The Greens are encouraging them.

Greens’ policy is “Australia says welcome..people seeking asylum have been an asset to Australia for generations and they can help make our country stronger than it has ever been.  We are a generous and caring nation. We can welcome people seeking asylum who will help build our communities and contribute to our economy.”


The Greens will release all illegals into Australia and close the detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru and abolish offshore detention.
The Greens will hand them all permanent visas to live in Australia, and encourage family reunion so their whole village is flown to Australia, all at Australia taxpayer expense.

Greens for Boats

The Greens want not just 50,000 a year, but as many as possible.

It’s Fruit Loop Greens Xenomania!

And despite lying Bill Shorten’s resolve to prevent a return of boats, more than sixteen of Labor MPs or candidates have openly defied Bill Shorten and support Greens illegal boat policies.

If they’re prepared to go rogue before an election, there’s every chance the boats will start again if Labor is put back in charge of our borders.

If Labor wins the election, the people smugglers would quickly test the resolve of the new government.

Kevin 07

As Peta Credlin rightly observes, doubtless there’d be a barrage of human rights activists, including some government lawyers, again claiming that turnbacks are illegal. Would-be foreign minister and deputy prime minister Tanya Plibersek says turnbacks are “something we hope we’ll never have to do”.  She didn’t even attend the vote on this issue at Labor’s national conference.

The result of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard dismantling John Howard’s border protection policies was that more than 1200 people drowned, 50,000 people arrived in more than 800 boats and over $11 billion was wasted on border protection blowouts.

It was Australia’s national security disaster and a budget calamity.

Refugee Welcome Zone

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