January 27, 2022

Australia First’s Ideal

“White Australia is not a mere policy as far as Australia is concerned; it is a religion.”

Senator Burford Sampson, 1928.


Australia First Party’s Nationalist Ideal

Australia First Party embraces Australian Nationalism.  Australia celebrates a unique history and evolution into nationhood.  Australia’s national independence emerged from 1788 by those evicted from Britain to the antipodes as convicts, dispossessed of their ancestral lands and otherwise impoverished.   It was never colonisation by choice.   Australian independence organically evolved from the Gold Rush until galbvanising in the Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia in Melbourne 1901.  This nation-forming social era could be essentially characterised as Dominion Nationalism because the colonies (NSW, VIC, SA, A, QLD, TAS) were each dominions under the British colonial empire (Oz social era 1788-1901).

After Federation, Australians as a new independent nation assumed a distinctly British Commonwealth ethno-cultural nationalism before long,  enduring the national calamities of two world wars (Oz social era 1914-1945).  The mass killings and surviving with our new-found allies lead our nation to generous embrace post war humanitarian mass immigration programme of White First World Europeans with their assimilation into the Australian culture until Whitlam from 1973 invited incompatible Third World Asians en masse (Oz social era 1946-1973).

Australia’s formative years 1788-1973 before Whitlam’s globalism, preserved and nurtured a First World English-speaking White European peoples.  This is the traditional Australia that the majority of traditional native-born Australians identify with.  Traditional Australia also goes under the label White Australia.  This is the ethno-cultural nationalism that the Australia First Party celebrates, champions and seeks to restore.

This is comparable with other allied and successful pre-colonised nations states New Zealand, America, Canada and Ireland.   We have no problem with other nations embracing nationalism within their own territories so long it has no expansionist designs.

Australia First Party is the only Australian nationalist political party registered in Australia.

Our Eight Core Policies within the Constitution of the Party and within the Party’s political articles of association are entirely consistent with the ethic and pursuit of Australia nationalist outcomes.

  1. Ensure Australia Retains Full Independence
  2. Rebuild Australian Manufacturing Industries
  3. Control Foreign Ownership
  4. Reduce and Limit Immigration
  5. Abolish Multiculturalism
  6. Introduce Citizen’s Initiated Referenda
  7. Strengthen the Family
  8. Strive To Rebuild A United Australia

Australia First is to build a new national movement. Practicality is method.

“Whatever will benefit Australia, that we are for; whatever will harm Australia, that we are against.”

– William Lane (1861-1917), Australian Nationalist.



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