The Eureka Spirit

Eureka Flag Original

The spirit of Eureka lives on.

December 3 marks the 156th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade. It was White Australia’s first organised mass struggle of ordinary people against the oppressive colonial authority, and for justice and democratic rights.

Symbolising their struggle for justice in Gold Rush Ballaarat, the miners created a flag based on the Southern Cross constellation.

Eureka Rebellion December 1854

At the time, Melbourne’s Age described it as “the flag of Australian independence”.

Kneeling beneath the flag on November 30, ten thousand miners swore the Eureka Oath: “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties”. Raffaelo Carboni, declared the flag “As the refuge of all oppressed from all corners on earth.” Many of the rebel miners were political activists escaping oppression from the old countries in Europe.

Fourteen diggers were killed and another eight died later from wounds when the colonial troops attacked a depleted Stockade early on the morning of December 3.

Although defeated in the short-term, this was a part of important milestones in the transition from colonial autocracy to local self-government and democracy that followed in its wake. Wide support for the just cause of the miners ensured that no jury would convict any of the thirteen “ringleaders” tried for the hanging offence of treason.

However, Eureka’s fight for a genuine people’s democracy, economic justice, and sovereignty is not finished and continues today. Australia First sets the pathway.

In common with all struggles against oppression, the Eureka Stockade shows that it is always right to rebel against a traitor class of big business/money changer interests, and their puppet politicians. It showed that organised mass defiance of injustice is a necessary and proper thing. It is the spirit of rebellion and defiance in support of a just cause that constitutes the great historical legacy of the spirit of Eureka and its flag, and its special significance to Real Australians.

This spirit resurfaced in 1878 when the Eureka flag was raised during the Sydney maritime strike against Chinese labour. It was raised above the armed shearers’ strike camp at Barcaldine in 1891, and when 86-year old Eureka survivor Monty Miller toured Australia in 1917 campaigning against conscription for an overseas war.

Port Kembla wharfies swore the Eureka oath in 1939 when defying Menzies’ order that Australian pigiron be supplied to the Japanese militarists for use in their imperialistic wars.

The Spirit of Eureka and its blue and white flag continues in many struggles of working people. It flies in rural communities fighting against multinational mining companies operations destroying their livelihoods, health and the local environment.

The spirit of Eureka gives a unique identity to the now critical struggle for the very survival of our Australia in this century against the globalist programme of big business, being enforced by their Lab/Lib/Nat quislings. The sell off of productive resources, and enterprises, and even our very land to foreign owners, the undermining of our European derived identity by Australia-hating multicultists, and plague level alien immigration is their means to our oblivion as a sovereign people, and the degradation that involves.

On this 156th anniversary Australia First calls on all fair-dinkums to rally to our struggle for freedom, independence and identity. Fly our flag of “blue and silver stars”, along with our National Flag, and join in support of our Australian People’s Movement in the fight for our “Nation of the South”.
Australia First Party.

Loyal Australians voting for other than AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY is just a waste of time.

Eureka Spirit