The impetus of Australian nationalism is driven by Australia First Party, the only registered nationalist party in Australia.

We have been steering the nationalist momentum to restore Australian nationhood and wealth for Australians since the party’s founding in 1996.

Nationalist Ethic

Nationalist Movement

Nationalist Blueprint

Blue Papers  (for National Restoration)

Canberran Mistletoe

Parasitic Canberra has long lost direction for Australian nationhood and wealth by indulging in self-preservation all artificially in denial at taxpayer life-support expense. The cardboard aristocrats preferring instead to enrich, of not englut themselves in imagined aristocratic disdain for democracy.

Canberra:      “a fish rots from the head down“.

When the fish rots from the head

 – and Canberra’s Aboriginal meaning: wanking place.

Hope for Australians

As if we haven’t experienced pompous crap out of Canberra previously?


Like hundreds of thousands of unspoken Australians and their families, we are seriously worried about the corroding state of Australia, the foreign direction both Liberal and Labor (LibLab) governments are taking, their perpetual arrogance towards ordinary Australians, their either massive waste of our taxes or savage austerity, and the unfair accommodating of foreigners over struggling ordinary Australians.

Australians are proudly amongst the most tolerant in the world, but increasingly stressful about keeping their jobs and preserving their livelihoods for themselves and future Australians.

LibLab parties abandonment of hard fought Australian working standards over two decades has steadily corroded Australian work places.  LibLab cold, exploitative ‘economic rationalism’ has engendered the Australian workforce to the Third World slave mentality.

Over a century of Australian hard fought rights to workplace standards has been undermined by just two decades of LibLab corrosive legislation to replace it with contract-only labour.

So name one Australian industry that is not compulsorily subjected now to contract-only labour?

The Labor Party when it lied its way to office in 2007 only embraced John Howard’s Work Choices.  Otherwise Australian workers albeit as an employee anywhere – in the factory, a trade, as a contractor or indoors or office bound – would enjoy the security of Australian enterprise bargaining – where an individual employee has equal power to negotiate conditions with the employer.

But Rudd or Gillard didn’t undo WorkChoices.  They just rebranded it FairWork and perpetuated the corporate slavery.  Following Labor Party rampant rollout of waste, comes Liberal Party austerity like what we currently see under Herr Campbell Newman in Queensland.  Mass sackings follow mass spendings. It’s the same LibLab yoyo.

Most Australian employees can now only be employed as expendable contract labour.  And unlike permanent employees with rights, contract labor can anytime be ‘tapped on the shoulder‘.

When now the tap on the shoulder comes, there is no warning.


Our forebears who endured the pioneering of Australia, fought World War I, struggled to the brink through The Depression food stamps, and then who fought again through World War II for Australian values.

Our forebears now, witnessing the corrosion of Australian pride, would be disgusted.

Our forefathers, many tall strong men, proudly volunteered to defend our Australian values and sacrificed their lives for Australia


Australia First Party is more than aware, frustrated and aggressively angry with the LibLab regime and with the Greens OneWorldism.  Their utopian ideology is dangerous and is dumbing down our once Lucky Country.  Our lucky country was hard fought and built.

Our ‘Australian Century’

Australia First Party’s vanguard stance is to domestically embrace an ‘Australian Century‘ !

To that end and with due respect for the hard-fought traditions of the Australian worker and small business, the Party is currently researching, problem solving and exploring initiatives to put Australia back on to the right path.

Australia First Party pledges to restore rights and destiny to the Australia people, away from the stale, self-interest of LibLab and Green Communist politics.

Dispense with the tired portfolios of government.  Our directions to restore Australia’s greatness are being formulated to tackle the critical issues facing Australia and Australians.

The Left and Right are both Globalist

National Interest

The National Interest  – is that which impacts upon our Australian Nation and our nation’s people:

Particularly Concerning:

  • Our hard-fought Western Christian values and standards
  • Our livelihoods, hope and destiny
  • Our rights and our sovereign sphere of influence
  • Our national borders and security
  • Our property ownership wealth, lands and assets (private and public)
  • Our heritage and freedom
  • Our genuine fears about enemies (external and from within)

What is in The National Interest is about the national security of our nationals:

  • Australia’s identity
  • Australia’s traditional culture
  • Australian proud self-determination – Descendants and Indigenous
  • Australian values, dignity, incomes, ownership, control, heritage, rights, way of life, goals, aspirations, security, concerns and fears, our destiny and youth.

A government that does not unequivocally serve The National Interest (Australia, or any nation for that matter) undermines the national cohesive fabric.

A government that acts with prejudice toward foreign interests, betrays its fundamental duty to its nationals, and ergo defiles into an illegitimate regime.

Re-engage with your nation’s politics.  Contribute to Australia’s future and that of our children.

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