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Established 11 November 2000

The Brief Background

Australia First Party’s President, Dr James Saleam, in 1998 created an online library of Australian nationalist literature entitled ‘Radical Nationalism in Australia‘ (abbreviated RADNAT) which was drawn from his Ph.D thesis as well as from fellow Australian nationalist contributors.  The website was located on the Internet at URL, of which has since been made defunct by subsequent acquisitions of the Alphalink website hosting service.

Dr James Saleam in 2002 established a second similar website to post online subsequent Australian nationalist literature following his presidency of the Australian First Party, entitled ‘AUSFIRST‘. This second website endeavour was located on the Internet at URL  Again, like the first, this has subsequently been made defunct by subsequent acquisitions of the Alphalink website hosting service.

In 2005, website hosting provider Chariot acquired Alphalink.

Then in 2007, TPG (Total Peripherals Group) controlled by Malaysian-born businessman David Teoh, acquired Chariot (along with Alphalink).  Foreign-controlled TPG, having no allegiance to Australians nor to our heritage and values,  in 2021 ultimately terminated Alphalink as a hosting service provider along with the domain.  Consequently, all Alphalink website customers like Australia First Party who relied upon Alphalink’s domain and website hosting, were cast into the ether by Teoh.

We never forget.

Despite this setback, we at Australia First Party, through our committed technically skilled members, have since managed to begin resurrecting the entire otherwise lost content of both websites into two new archival online websites – RADNAT and AUSFIRST respectively.

We value this literature as an invaluable contribution to Australia’s history that would have otherwise been lost to future Australian generations wishing to learn from Australia’s history, warts and all .

The following hyperlinks connect to restored archival libraries:

A.  ‘RADNAT’  ARCHIVE              (Radical Nationalism in Australia)


B.  ‘AUSFIRST’  ARCHIVE           (Australia First Party’s Archive)

(Please note that this literary restoration task remains and ongoing work in progress, so please bear with us).


~ John Hood