Patriotic Youth League

Motto:   ‘Cultivation of Australia’s Awakening



The Patriotic Youth League (The League) was the precursor to the Eureka Youth League.  The League was established in 2002 as a radical nationalists youth organisation; independent of, yet affiliated with, the Australia First Party.  The League was formed in Newcastle in Australia by Stuart McBeth (then aged 21), who was an economics undergraduate student at the time at the University of Newcastle.

The League’s formation was in reaction to the university’s multiculturalist agenda that was effectively marginalising White Australian students by stealth.  Foreigners were increasingly being favoured by the university’s administration – course admission preferencing, dedicated staff resourcing and support, dedicated facilities, and provided special privileged accesses.  By comparison, the leftist-leaning university expected local Aussie students to fend for themselves on the false prejudiced anti-Australian premise of so-called ‘White Privilege’.  It was bloody wrong and locals had had a gutful.

So with just twenty or so members, The League formed in response in order to represent Aussies on campus and to stand up for White Australian rights particularly against the leftist actions and domination by the Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU).  The League also challenged and protested against the invading hordes of foreigners on campus who were displacing local White Australian students.

The League initially adopted the Australian Federation Flag as its logo then switched appropriately to the Eureka Flag.

Andrew Wilson became The League’s president at the Sydney branch with the support and guidance of Australia First Party president Dr. Jim Saleam.  Additional branches were established in Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne.  The Melbourne branch was run by Luke Connors who was also national spokesman for the League.  The Brisbane branch was run by John Drew. The Central Coast branch was run by Garth.

The League established three postal addresses: PO Box 2, Wickham NSW 2293 (Newcastle); PO Box 2510, Carlingford NSW 2118 (Sydney);and PO Box 223, Croydon, VIC 3136 (Melbourne).

In Queensland, annual general meetings coincided with Queensland White Settlement Day, namely September 13. On that day in 1824 the Moreton Bay settlement was started when the British on the brig “Amity” arrived at Redcliffe from Sydney. Some months later the settlement was moved to today’s central business district in Brisbane partly because of a better water supply there.


  1. To develop a youth movement that will provide an entry point for those youth with an interest in politics and the well-being of New South Wales and Australia more broadly.
  2. To act as an advisory group (mentors) to various patriotic/conservative groups on the issues and concerns facing young people.
  3. To provide access to other young people with similar views and allow for discussion and debate on current affairs and policy development.
  4. To arise debate on the currently Labor Party dominated education system which limits history to the treatment of Aboriginals and the arrival of migrants, ignores the values of our current constitution and vilifies Australian patriotism outside the sporting arena as ‘extremist’.
  5. To foster the development of youthful activism and participation in the community within the constraints allowed by law.
  6. To encourage the growth of a counter-culture to the current leftist scourge of gangs, drugs and crime.
  7. To uphold and promote the principles, ideals and policies of Australian democracy in all our activities.

 ‘True patriotism whispers to every born Australian’




General Philosophy

To form a patriotic/conservative activist movement that acts as an umbrella to unite all sectors of the unique Australian culture and groups that support it. This culture is a European society based on civil liberties and democracy. Our main national religion is Christianity. We do not believe the state should be linked to religion. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, our aim is to install the Christian ethics as our moral guidance in accordance with our history, culture and people.

We believe only unified cultural development will solve the social problems of drugs, crime and racism. We believe Australia is much more than just a geographical land mass and therefore oppose the belief we are all a nation of immigrants.

Australia was a nation formed in 1901 as a strong sovereign European/Western nation, distinct in culture and direction from our Asian neighbours in the South Pacific. Australia’s main link to this culture was our position in the British Commonwealth. Although a member of the empire, Australians were still able to form a unique and freethinking identity through such events as the Eureka Stockade and Galipolli.

We feel that at present this wonderful and strong culture is under threat from various destructive forces. The sell out of Australia is being promoted on both sides of politics. You can either vote for US imperialism or Asian integration. We strongly oppose either of these destinies. We are not another State of America or some third world Eurasian society, we are shamelessly Australian. We do not label any particular group as a threat, but see it as coming from a combination of individualistic cosmopolitan/globalism and multiculturalism.

Overall, our aim is to promote the sovereignty, identity and culture of this great Southern land based on the concept of a European/Western society as directed through the historical formation of our nation.

Major Issues/Policies

  • Globalisation
  • Multiculturalism
  • Reconciliation
  • Economics
  • Defence
  • Law and Order
  • Race & Nationalism
  • Immigration

Sovereign State vs Globalisation

The concept of Globalisation is a fallacy.

Throughout time there have only ever been empires and nations. The progression of humanity has seen the conflict and integration of these two concepts develop from tribes and city-states to eventually reach national level. All empires have developed from powerful nations, such as the Roman, British, and to an extent the Russian (USSR). The empires try to enforce unity through the implementation of common religions (Christianity & Islam) or ideology.

The fact is that in many places in the world including East Timor, there is a great need for independence, and national sovereignty rejects the notion of a united ‘global village’. In regards to a global market, multinational corporations and the world trade organisation, we understand that this is in fact not globalisation, but usurious imperialism, an issue facing all society that is strongly supported by their so-called opposition international socialism.

International greed ignores national borders it needs cultural dissolution and diversity to thrive. Socialism and multiculturalism only support this and the greedy, this is why no real opposition is given to student unions or the socialists. With the awakening of national consciousness in the youth, we will start the revolution of a new culturally united society. We support this struggle on an international level as many other Western nations are facing the same battle.


The gravest threat facing Australia today is not international socialism, multinational corporations or mad mullah terrorists, but the divisive and socially destructive concept of multiculturalism. The basis of this concept is totally divisive and illogical. Multiculturalism fundamental principal is unity of diversity. Unity is the exact opposite of diversity and therefore a so-called fundamental feature of our present society that is drummed into the innocent, as the greatest social concept is totally ironic and illogical. We oppose racism and the notion of racial supremacy in all its forms. We believe the concept of tolerance is inferior to that of acceptance. Tolerance is defined as the ability to withstand stress. Therefore if our society is having the concept of being tolerant shoved down its throat continually, then it must be under stress. We believe the best notion for promoting ethnic unity in Australia is to promote the bilateral acceptance of the unique European/Western culture that is Australia’s. Western Culture is not the individualistic/global culture promoted by cosmopolitan traitors, but a strong social system based on civil liberties, democracy and a sense of unified community through the national state. In summary, multiculturalism supports the selfish, greedy global cosmopolitan culture emphasised by multinational institutions, weakens the sovereign state and oppresses the culture, liberties and democratic choice for the majority of Australian people.


In broad terms we support the mixed market economy. We oppose excessive privatisation, foreign investment and ownership of our resources. We support the nationalisation of our major industries and firms. We support limited protection of industries important to our culture and society, but understand we must be able to embrace change and technology. We support the concept of community banking such as the Bendigo bank and the development of a People’s bank. We must act against the current economic system that is creating massive debts for our citizens.


We strongly support the Australian Defence Force and believe massive investment is needed for both new equipment and staff retainment. We support the development of an ANZAC Marine Corps to serve our common interest in the region with New Zealand.

Law and Order

Basically the punishment should fit the crime. Justice is there for the victims and safety of community. Statute must be strong and the basis of law. Arbitration should only be used on determination of strong statute not a legal system on its own.


We know that immigration is the biggest problem in the Australian political arena in both economical and social terms.

We believe all immigration should be stopped due to economic reasons in particular the cost of property and living in general. We favour the return of the immigration restriction act in order to preserve our identity, independence and freedom.

Family Issues and Welfare

Family unit is the base of all society. Welfare and other policies should be focused on development of strong family units.

Major Political Parties/Movements Supported

Obviously we do not support every single policy of these Parties, but we support their general direction and have adapted many of their key ideas in our own.

  • Australia First Party
  • Australian League of Rights
  • One Nation Party (Federal)
  • One Nation NSW Political Party
  • Christian Democratic Party
  • The Great Australians
  • United Kingdom Settlers Association


The League was established along similar lines to the youth section of the British National Party and actively functioned between late 2002 and 2006.  Founder and president, Stuart McBeth described the League as “political and youth-orientated”.  Not a political party, but an activist street protest organisation, The League engaged in rallies, street protests, poster campaigns and media publicity.  Members were required to be true Australian patriots, young adults and required to participate in vocal street protests and so be strong and fit to stand up to their enemies – the likes of aggressive masked anarcho-leftists, union thugs, feral Greens and foreign multicult student types, particularly – violent islamo-Lebs.  As such members were “expected to take regular exercise and to play some form of sport frequently”.

The League also advocated that patriotism should be based on knowledge as well as passion, and so also embarked upon an education focus on its website and periodical publications. Members were encouraged to take a keen interest in Australian history, culture and geography.


Recruitment Drives

Membership was open to true blue Australians, so long as you could demonstrate that you were a radical nationalist and strongly opposed The Le to politically correct ideas such as nondiscriminatory immigration. You must have passed your 18th birthday but not your 26th birthday.  Membership was not open to “idealistic, middle-aged multiculturalists.”

The annual membership fee was just $10.00 or $30 including a Eureka Flag design shirt.

In 2004, during The League’s ‘Australian Unis for Australian Students‘ campaign, The League actively recruited thirty 30 new members during the university’s ‘O’Week’, bringing the membership to around 50.   The League protested against foreign students displacing local Australian students in university coursed.  It was also against foreign imperialism from China, the Zionists and against asianisation of Australia.

McBeth stated that he believed foreign students should be restricted to “exchange programs” so they did not displace local students.

But the national government in Canberra had starved Australian universities of funding to make them cash-dependent upon foreign students to pay up front cash for courses to maintain the universities viability.  It has been Canberra’s ploy to increase immigration all along.

Policy Publicity

The League actively promoted its policies in the media as well online.  The League established a website in 2003: (defunct since 2008).


Harassment and slur by leftist and hard Right enemies caused The League and its members to ignore identified media propagandists caught out publishing false and defamatory slurs about The League, namely Greg Roberts at The Australian newspaper, and Jewish Joe Hildebrand and Jason Gregory at the Courier Mail newspaper.

AFP Election Support

League members helped Australia First Party (AFP) run in the NSW council elections in Newcastle in 2004, receiving 531 votes (or 2.7%).  This was impressive since Fairfax Media’s Newcastle Herald newspaper had prejudiciously refused AFP any public profile in the lead up to the elections.

Australia’s Civil Uprising in 2005 at Cronulla

The League was active at Australia’s civil uprising against invading Lebanese gangs at Cronulla in December 2005.

Policy Postering of Invaded Suburbs

The League became very effective in publicly circulating its anti-immigration message around the northern suburbs of Sydney in particular with extensive use of street posters and stickers. Chinese saturated seat of Bennelong (including the suburbs of Epping, Eastwood, West Ryde, Carlingford, and North Rocks) was especially targeted.  League posters featured the Eureka Flag and the words, “Aussies fighting back!”


Also in 2005, The League ran a campaign against the creeping Asianisation of Eastwood under the guise of multiculturalism.

Poster extract:

“The truth is the “multicultural situation” in Eastwood is out of control. Foreign aliens are buying up retail property en masse. No Australian owned shops will be left. Large and “tooled-up” ethnic gangs roam the streets of Eastwood after dark looking for “action”. Hard drugs are peddled to misguided youth and more than a few backdoor “massage parlours” are in operation. Our local police have their hands tied behind their backs, scared of “racism” if they crack down. Henderson talks buzz words like “harmony” and “Enrichment” Do you feel enriched?”

Effective slogans deployed:

  • End all immigration before it ends Australia.
  • Deport boat people.
  • Stop the boat people invasion
  • Australian – an identity defined by ethnicity, not paperwork.
  • Support the diggers not the war.
  • Stop the marking up of foreign students.
  • Hands off Captain Cook.
  • Stop anti-Aussie racism and attacks.
  • Mass immigration = water restrictions.
  • Stop refugee/immigration advocates destroying Newcastle!
  • Humanitarianism for locals not Sudanese Gangbangers!

2005 Campaign against the Sudanese Invasion of Newcastle



Who we are

The Concerned Citizens Collective is a collective of local residents, university students, academics and other patriotic activists who are concerned with the changing face of Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs due to the forced immigration of so-called Sudanese refugees.

What we stand for

We stand for preserving the quiet peaceful nature of Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs. We believe local residents have the right to enjoy a lifestyle free of multicultural disasters, pro-immigration nutcases and ethnic gangs formed by newly arrived migrant groups. We seek to lobby those groups bringing Sudanese immigrants into to (sic) Australia to adopt an isolationist policy rather than letting them run riot in our neighborhoods.

If the Sudanese immigration issue is an indication of the planned reforms for Newcastle join the Un-reform movement of concerned citizens.

How to help out

The collective needs your help in lobbying with such activities as writing letters, public rallies and basically making our voice heard.

The Truth exposed

Academic Dr James Saleam exposes the real reason why Sudanese refugees are being brought into Newcastle. Find out what the refugee advocates won¹t tell you. Learn of the much bigger plan the Labor Party and their University cronies have for Newcastle at this web address:

Public Meeting

All residents are invited to a public meeting and sausage sizzle at 12:30pm in Islington Park (Place of Sudanese riot) on Saturday the 22nd of January 2005. Dr Saleam will be there to answer any questions.

Website (since defunct)

Big Rig Spares, Counter Culture Distributions, Blood Red Eagle (local band), The Patriotic Youth League, Australia First Party Inc.

Patriot Patrol Campaign


The Patriot Patrol was a campaign by committed activists to speak to the public and hand out fliers in major shopping centers and public malls (etc) across Australia in order to promote our cause. The Patriot Patrol was committed to activism through demonstrations and marching.

“The raising of funds to free our political prisoner Pauline Hanson is also required. It is assumed that this movement will be youth orientated but support from older committed Australians is more than welcome.  We will try to wear the a Eureka Flag shirt as much as possible.”

Student Patriot Movement


Tapping into its formation roots at the University of Newcastle in 2002, The League sought to install a patriotic representative within the student councils of selected Australian universities.

The objectives were to improve student representation and services, promote a general philosophy of shameless service to this nation both military and political, to provide an employment services section of the union and establish a defence force students’ collective, to actively serve both reservist and permanent military students and encourage recruitment.

The development of employment services for students would eliminate a dependency on Austudy for most students and possibly provide a source of income for the university. Over all we believe the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and national honour will provide a unique and energizing representation for all students from all faculties. Our core philosophical and ideological policies are the same as that of The League.

By 2006, The League had waned somewhat for a variety of personal reasons of its leaders.  However just four years later, The League was to re-emerge as the current Eureka Youth League.

It is noted that since then the following ethnic student societies have established at the Newcastle University campus, making ‘Spot-the-Aussie’ a rarity indeed:

  • ActionAid Australia  (promoting sexual deviance)
  • Students Against Detention  (promoting illegals and welfare leeching)
  • Bangladeshi Students’ Association
  • Hong Kong Association
  • Iranian Student Association
  • La Peña – Latin American Society
  • Newcastle Arab Students Society
  • Saudi Students Club
  • Student Association of Pakistan
  • Vietnamese Students of the University of Newcastle
  • Indian Fusion Dance Club
  • Students Against Detention
  • International Youth and Students for Social Equality
  • Islamic Society