Faggots in ya face: ASU pays lesbian Kristy-Lee Tyrrell to lobby for deviant surrogacy

Practising lesbian Kristy-Lee Tyrrell (33) of Melbourne charity Launch Housing was last week, paid by the Australian Services Union to fly to Canberra to harass the Immigration Minister in a restaurant to lobby for deviant marriage and surrogacy.

As if Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has anything to do with the deviant portfolio?  So long as we don’t let any more in to further corrupt our decent society.

Kristy-Lee Tyrrell is a full-blown leftie who is employed by Launch Housing in the leftie enclave of Collingwood as a support worker for domestic violence – probably dealing with patriarchal lebs, coconuts and muzzies on a daily basis.

Kristy-Lee Tyrrell, ASU card-carrying, frequent flier activist.


Last week Immigration Minister Peter Dutton while privately dining in a Canberra restaurant one evening, was suddenly accosted by the rude, flushed up lesbian Kristy-Lee Tyrrell blathering about her deviant marriage time clock – you know, how it will open the flood gates to deviant surrogacy, etc, etc.

It screamed, “If you have a political platform and you are making policies that have such a heavy impact on my life, I am entitled to confront you in public and ask you to elaborate.

How gay!

Just say no to same-sex marriage, Peter.

Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph article: ‘Peter Dutton put on spot over same-sex marriage by lesbian at restaurant‘ of April 2, 2017 by Annika Smethurst.

Having dinner…only to cop faggots in ya face


And the lesbian’s flight from Melbourne to Canberra to harass Mr Dutton was paid for by the ASU.

Clearly this is an underhand bullying attempt by the national secretary of the Australian Services Union, David Smith, who’s happy to waste union member dues to have Peter Dutton followed and spied on and pay for free interstate flights so lesbian activists can lobby for deviance.

So how did the Australian Services Union know that Australia’s Immigration Minister was there and what implications does this have for the personal security of Australia’s cabinet ministers, and of our elected representatives in general?

It reveals the lengths that trade union thugs will go to bully and intimidate anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

It’s so the ACTU’s deviant faction can railroad anti-Australian legislation against the will of most Australians to allow deviants to access surrogacy and so rear sex slaves they call ‘rainbow’ babies.  No doubt ACTU feminazi lesbian Sally McManus helped conceive this stunt.

Lesbians, LGTBIFAGGOTS, trannies, confused gender fluid types and all the pedos in waiting?  Moral depravity or what?

How many trips to Bangkok and Manila?

This leftie deviant arrogant sense of entitlement is just the thin edge of their social re-engineering wedge, like LGTBI quotas on corporate boards. Foreign CEO of QANTAS Alan Joyce is funding same-sex marriage lobbying.  Will he introduce an LGTBI-only passenger class on his flights?   Already, we are seeing LGTBI-only playgroups and primary schools, and Safe Schools perversion rolled out by lesbian Roz Ward.

Clearly we know where Kristy-Lee Tyrrell‘s moral compass lies, the same place as Cate Blanchett, where the sun don’t shine…

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So keep it up corrupt unions.  Bring on a plebiscite to rid Australia from yet another leftist scourge.

Fact Check:  Lesbians living together are legally deemed to be in a legal de facto relationship with all the legal rights, so no need to change Australia’s Marriage Act.  But the Same Sex Marriage (SSM) lobby ain’t about that.  They’re after the auto-entitlement to access ‘RAINBOW BABIES‘.  It’s all about ya Rainbow Babies Penny Wong!  We’re a bloody wake up.

ASU member Kristy-Lee Tyrrell with flame Cassandra Rabich.

“Once we get same sex marriage, we be able to buy a family of rainbow babies.”


Launch Housing receives government funding so it can lobby such deviance.