Another after-hours surf patrol flag avoidance episode – four prejudiced asians blame local rip

Another day, another ethnic surf rescue; this time off Bundaberg in Queensland.

Four asians decided 6pm yesterday to go for a dip in a choppy rip at Kellys Beach with the nearest surf patrol 3km away and just packed up for the day.  That section of beach is notorious for a local rip, but the rip was there first.

Some locals noticed them and so went down as onlookers armed with their smartphone app to place online bets.

Of course the four got caught in the local rip and started getting dragged out to sea.

But the game changed when off-duty lifesavers went in and did a mass rescue. Rucky.

Surf Life Saving Queensland’s regional manager for operations Craig Holden was on the beach after the rescue.

He commented:

“By the time they get caught in the rip and taken further out to sea they can’t touch the bottom.  Just looking at their swimming ability and what was going on it would have ended in tragedy.  They were very, very lucky.”

Witness John Dimitropoulos was blown away by the rescue effort saying the people involved needed some sort of recognition.

Yeah, the four ethnics should have been charged $200 each.  The money would have gone a long way to buy new equipment for Bundaberg Surf Lifesaving Club at Nielson Park.