National Redirection

~ for discussion, debate and policy fine-tuning:


‘Direct Democracy’

  • Citizens’ Initiated Referenda
  • Citizens’ Election Recall
  • Citizens’ Initiative to force a Plebiscite
  • Political Donations outlawed
  • Free Speech and Whistle-blower Protection enshrined in National Law
  • Compulsory registration and disclosure of political lobbyists


‘Economic Nationalism’

  • Australian Producerism to reinstate the Protestant work ethic
  • Remove multinational market dominance and duopolies by introducing US-style anti-trust legislation
  • Reforms to remove parasitic social welfarism
  • Prevent globalised financial capital manipulating Australian-based industries
  • Population decentralisation and ending urban sprawl
  • Defend against foreign trade dumping – decouple from the US Free Trade con
  • Fair pricing to secure livelihoods – end Keating’s Floating Currency exposing Australian business to exchange rate gambling
  • Nationalise minimum wage rates and workplace conditions across industries – remove union dominated enterprise bargaining
  • Introduce a single National Fuel Price for petrol and diesel, facilitated by national government acquiring onshore fuel refining and distribution
  • Abolish Keating’s Pension Privatisation (compulsory 9.25% employer super contributions), making the cost of labor more competitive for business.  Replace employer superannuation with a ‘National Pension’ (government controlled, indexed) payable to Australian citizens over age 65
  • Australian Small Business tax concessions – 20% income tax, payroll tax exempt
  • Consider tax reforms in the 2008 Henry Tax Review that favour Australian SMEs


‘Two Tiered Regionalism’

  • All Australian state and territory governments to be abolished
  • All of Australia’s 565 local councils to be abolished
  • Australian government structure to become two tiered – a single national government presiding over about 50 county governments.
  • Each state government to make the transition to a unicameral parliament ‘County Government’ to replace the respective capital city council and take responsibility for a broad regional area encapsulating the entire metropolitan area in which they were formerly placed.  For example, Brisbane City Council to become Brisbane County and to extend its boundary to amalgamate the adjoining Federal Seats that encapsulate the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Caboolture.
  • Formation of approximately 50 new Counties to be established on the following bases:
    1. The current 150 Federal Electoral Divisions
    2. Australia’s 89 bio-regions
    3. Population distribution
    4. Indigenous nation boundaries
    5. A series of community-based forums and plebiscites to decide on final boundaries.
  • New National Electoral Counties to replace old Federal Electoral Divisions and to thence to be exactly aligned to the new Council boundaries
  • Each new County to be administered under the jurisdiction of a County Government
  • Chambers and offices of the previous councils to be utilised and adapted by the new County Governments.
  • Each county to have a unicameral parliamentary structure, with its members and mayor elected by the citizens of the country every 3 years.
  • Jurisdictions to pass to the national government:
    • Transport – rail, highways, major roads
    • Health, Hospitals, Mental Health and Aged Care
    • Education
    • Environmental Conservation and Heritage
    • The Arts
    • Police
    • Emergency services.
  • Jurisdictions to pass to the counties:
    • Land management
    • Housing development
    • Town planning
    • Family and Community Services
    • Indigenous affairs managed by a single local indigenous council for each county
    • Commerce and Trade development
    • Water and Sewage
    • Waste Management
    • Parks and Gardens
    • Footpaths and Local Streets
    • Energy self-sufficiency (jointly with the national government)


‘State-owned Critical Assets’

  • Critical assets vital for the survival and operation of the nation to be nationalised, acquisition from the private sector to be phased over two decades, asset pricing to be set by a dedicated national commission
  • Such assets include coal mining and coal transport, energy generation, energy distribution, oil drilling, petrol and diesel refining and distribution, petrol drilling and diesel fuel, passenger and freight rail, roads and bridges, telecommunications, central bank including trading, merchant banking and retail banking, hospitals, ports, critical civili infrastructure, etc.
  • Retail pricing of critical utilities to be centrally controlled by the national government


‘Viable Basic Living’

  • Establishment of a safety net for vulnerable Australian citizens to ensure equitable access to viable means of living
  • ‘Vulnerable citizens’ to include – unemployed, disabled, elderly, low income parents, veterans, etc.
  • Includes increased provision of minimal quality public housing, electricity, gas, water, Internet, public transport access
  • Provision subject to means testing, with upper limits on usage, and only available for Australian citizens


‘Small Business Economy’

  • Increased effective taxes on large corporations and multinationals to encourage re-establishment of Australian small business competition across all domestic industries and markets
  • Absolute ban on cheap foreign import dumping
  • Reintroduce higher tariffs on imports so that import pricing equates to the standard cost of Australian production factoring in Australian minimum wages


‘Australian Heritage Respect’

  • Restoration of agricultural surface land rights to over-rule mining leases, so ending the foreign corporate Coal Seam Gas industry’s undemocratic power over Australian farmers’ own land
  • Inventory update of Australian important heritage sites (historic, cultural, indigenous, natural) to a National Conservation Register
  • All State National Parks, Nature Reserves, Marine Reserves, State Forests, Australian Antarctic Territory and selected Australian islands to be nationalised into an Australian National Park System, managed at national level
  • Timber industry compensated to fully exit native forests, and retraining to transition Australia’s forestry industry away from native heritage forest dependence to a viable and high value-add plantation-based timber industry.


‘Steady State Society’

  • Recognise the wisdom of government leading a careful Steady State Society over the current Darwinian, chaotic, costly ‘boom and bust’ cycle economy
  • Place an immediate moratorium on immigration for five years, to allow public infrastructure, and the supply of housing and social services to catch up to minimum Australian-acceptable living standards and arable national carrying capacity.
  • Address domestic equity injustices by redirection national resources into improving Australian living standards for all its current population, most notably bringing the average life expectancy of Australian indigenous people up to that of Australia’s non-indigenous.
  • Moderate excessive consumption by greater dynamic controls and industry sector targeting of consumption taxing, especially that having higher environmental costs
  • Encourage greater personal saving and reduction in personal debt
  • Greater central monetary and fiscal controls on economic excesses


‘Defence for National Sovereignty’

  • Redirect national defence strategy from foreign interests to the protection of Australia’s territorial sovereignty including its territorial waters
  • Decouple from US-only procurement to regional cost effective hardware from independent sources, such as MiG-35 to replace the Joint Strike Fighter
  • Re-establish Australia’s Satellite Launch Industry fully controlled by the national government and wholly Australian domestically resourced
  • Establish a Drone Research and Manufacturing Industry fully controlled by the national government and wholly Australian domestically resourced
  • Shut down the Collins Class submarine project – an expensive white elephant
  • Upscale investment into the Austal Patrol Boat building industry to equal the Skjold Class


‘Nationalised Primary Services’

  • Nationalise Health, Hospitals, Mental Health and Aged Care
  • Nationalise Education from Child Care to Trade and Tertiary
  • Nationalise Transport of both passenger and freight
  • Nationalise Telecommunications – phone, mobile, Internet services (Telstra to be re-acquired as a critical public asset by the national government)


‘Single Legal Jurisdiction’

  • Nationalise all criminal and civil laws into a single national legal jurisdiction
  • Nationalise Australia’s entire court system under a single legal jurisdiction
  • Nationalise Australia’s prison system, parole and remand system


‘Australian Law Reform’

  • Auto-deport any non-Citizen convicted in Australia of an indictable offence to country of departure before first arriving in Australia
  • Deport all non-Citizens in Australian gaols to country of departure before first arriving in Australia
  • Invest in ongoing law reform across all fields of law in discussion with relevant stakeholders
  • Research the benefits of the Inquisitorial System over Australia’s current Adversarial System and facilitate ongoing public debate and changes to Australia’s legal system
  • Resource and fund Legal Aid as a national public service for means-tested access by all Australian citizens
  • Abolish plea bargaining in all criminal prosecutions
  • Abolish parole
  • National legislation to impose mandatory minimum 20 year custodial sentences for all serious crimes –  murder, manslaughter, rape, incest, paedophilia, drug trafficking, treason, arson, armed robbery, terrorism, extortion, assault causing permanent disability, home invasion, drive by shootings, people smuggling, etc.
  • Introduce national legislation to evoke the Castle Doctrine as defence of justifiable homicide
  • Engage in a series of legislative reviews with relevant stakeholders to introduce law reforms across Australia


‘Voluntary Indigenous Bi-Culturalism’

  • Recognise the rights of Indigenous Australians to voluntarily pursue traditional Aboriginal ways of life and self-determination, independently and separate from nonindigenous mainstream Australian society.  This rejects any derogatory labelling of Apartheid, because any separate existence choice is completely voluntary, infinitely reversible and never to be monitored by anyone, organisation or government.
  • Under each proposed new Australian county, a single Aboriginal council shall be invited to be formed and to nationally represent the interests of the respective indigenous peoples within that county region.
  • National perpetual facilitation and funding of indigenous Australians to be recognised as having a right to ‘Viable Basic Living’ services subject to means testing, with upper limits on usage.  A governance structure set up to ensure fairness, no abuse or exploitation of the facility.
  • Indigenous traditional law nationally recognised in indigenous communities so long as it does not contravene Australian national laws.


‘Australian Values and Standards Act’

  • Develop and formulate a set of Australian social values and standards that are to be debated broadly across the Australian citizenry without intrusion from foreigners or foreign values, then to be enshrined in law
  • This law is to form the principled uncompromising minimum values and standards basis for prescribing all Australian national laws


‘Conditional Citizenship’

  •  Granting of Australian Citizenship is to be formally recognised as a privilege, not a right and to have conditions of assimilation and rejection of foreign customs and mores that are contrary to Australian values and standards, including:
    • Reading and speaking English to minimum national Year 10 standard
    • 60% pass in Australian cultural knowledge
    • Signing a national Statutory declaration to abide by all Australian laws, values and standards under the newly proposed Australian Values and Standards Act and to unconditionally renounce all allegiances, practices, and actions that contravene the letter and spirit of this Act.
  • Breaches to conditional citizenship are to auto-trigger criminal legal action that under the standard of evidence beyond reasonable doubt will lead to revocation of citizenship and immediate deportation


‘Australian National Service’

  • Each Australian youth (male and female) is to compulsorily contribute to Australian National Service for a minimum of 12 months between the aged of 18 and 19
  • Australian National Service is to include options to the individual of Australia’s:
    • Army Reserve
    • Navy Reserve
    • Air Force Reserve
    • Peace-Keeping Reserve
    • Emergency Services Reserve
    • Approved Australian Community Service/Charity organisation
    • Approved Australian Heritage Service organisation.
  • Disabled youth will be required to contribute to in some nationally contributing capacity, assessed on a case-by-case basis
  • Non-citizens shall be excluded
  • Naturalised Australian Citizens between ages 18 and 29 at the time of legislative enactment, shall be compulsorily required to contribute to Australian National Service, immediately upon being issued with Australian Citizenship.