National Interest

The National Interest  – is that which impacts upon our Australian Nation and our nation’s people:

Particularly Concerning:

  • Our hard-fought Western Christian values and standards
  • Our livelihoods, hope and destiny
  • Our rights and our sovereign sphere of influence
  • Our national borders and security
  • Our property ownership wealth, lands and assets (private and public)
  • Our heritage and freedom
  • Our genuine fears about enemies (external and from within)

What is in The National Interest is about the national security of our nationals:

  • Our identity
  • Our traditional cultures and faiths
  • Our proud self-determination – Descendants and Indigenous
  • Our values, dignity, incomes, ownership, control, heritage, rights, way of life, goals, aspirations, security, concerns and fears, our destiny and youth.

A government that does not unequivocally serve The National Interest (Australia, or  any nation) undermines the national cohesive fabric.

A government that acts with prejudice toward foreign interests, betrays its fundamental duty to its nationals, and ergo defiles into an illegitimate regime.

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For regular reviews of issues affecting the National Interest please refer to the column to the right.  These are listed by title under The National Interest, or grouped by subject matter under Australian Issues.

Members and supporters of the Australia First Party and many loyal Australians regularly contribute to the party their concerns about our nation and offer their ideas for a better Australia.

The articles published under our website’s  ‘The National Interest‘ comprise a social spectrum of their contributions, compiled for public circulation by one of our dedicated web writers, Mr John Hood.

John Hood