Nation, Community and Race


The Eureka Youth League exists to preserve our heritage and identity as Australians, to impart that heritage and articulate the quality of that unique identity founded upon the spirit of race and place and to provide a fraternal environment for young Australians.

The Eureka Youth League defends Australia’s environmental uniqueness as a biosphere unto itself set upon the oldest continent and whose spirit lives in us.

The Eureka Youth League will intervene openly or covertly as demanded in any school, tertiary education facility or workplace, within any community association or public structure or movement, to further its overall objectives.

Eureka Youth League empowerment

The Eureka Youth League will support candidates in student union elections and will seek authority in those institutions and other institutions and facilities where young Australians are trained for their future.

The Eureka Youth League will work with fraternal parties, associations and other youth groups so as to further our aim of a great front of patriotic Australians to win Australian independence.

The Eureka Youth League believes in environmental conservation.

Environmental Conservation is part of NationalismBe proud of your country


We will strive to raise awareness about the dangers of pollution and campaign against globalist entities who seek to pillage our natural resources without the unanimous consent of the Australian public at large.

The Eureka youth league aims to be an organization not only based on maintaining our European heritage and cultural identity as Australians but the beauty of the Australian outback and landscape itself. Such things which we hold so dear which are threatened by high rates of immigration and imperialism of foreign corporations.

The Eureka Youth League is not just a fighting organization, but a school that will train a generation of Australian youth, males and females together, to struggle for freedom on our native soil from all imperialisms, whether they be based upon money and terror, or based upon the impulse of conquest.

The Eureka Youth League opposes all that is corrupt, alien, sick, retrograde and perverse in current Australian society and works for the day when Australia shall be purged clean, to be as the Founding Fathers and those writers, poets and labour activists, who defined the Australian ideal over a century ago, intended it to remain.

Australia Day Spirit

The Eureka Youth League by its actions will call to account in public all those who have acted against the interests of the Australian nation and who have denied Australian youth the opportunity of living in a co-operative, progressive and egalitarian society – as Australia once promised to become.

The Eureka Youth League fears no sacrifice, will surmount all obstacles and shall overcome all resistance, to play its role in creating the new independent Australia of social justice and freedom.

Australian Digger

The Eureka Youth League honours all emblems and symbols of our identity and employs them, reveres the heroic war-dead and all men and women who have sacrificed for Australia – and to honour all, flies the Eureka Flag of Freedom as its special badge of pride in our Australianity.

Australian Nationalist Students Unite: Ideas, Strategy and Tactics For A New Movement


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