Resist Mass Immigration

Australia is being overrun by 200,000 immigrants year on year, and they multiply more than locals.  With higher birthrates than native-Australians, there proportion of the population will rise.

As at March 2012, our country had 22,596,500 people, with 331,200 more than a year ago mainly from immigrants and their offspring.  (ABS, March 2012)

Foreigners arrive needing the basics.  So they have to take local jobs, housing, school places, childcare places, hospital beds, clogging our roads and public transport, pushing up prices and making the cost of living for all of us unaffordable, especially in our capital cities.

Foreign targeted cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have tried but simply can’t cope any more.  Their state governments well know it, but don’t have the resources, don’t want to look embarrassed, but can’t cope with the volume burden and costs.

Still Canberra in the idyllic clouds politically naively invites more and more, like addicts.  Some additional 300,000 in 2011.  Why?  Where? How?

Australia’s copping a full Wollongong of immigrants a year.  It is unsustainable madness!

Worse, in many traditional Australian inner city suburbs, they’ve even changed the shop signs into foreign languages.  Multi-culturalism now overrules Australians!

The big political parties all pursue similar policies encouraging perpetual immigration on the presumption it is good for economic growth while ignoring the social stresses and decline in living standards.  The Australian Labor Party, The Liberal-Nationals Coalition, the Greens and even Katters Australian Party are all spellbound by the economic statistics.

Australia’s  legendary tolerance with all this has long been exploited and abused by Canberra.

Yet Australian ordinary citizens can individually help stem this destructive tide of immigration – the economic invaders and the illegals.

Resistance is a right.  Resistance need not be obvious nor invite ugly criticism.  Resistance can be passive, yet culturally very effective.  Give our own sons and daughters a future in the Australia we’ve grown to know and love.

Australian Resistance:

  • Buy from Australians
  • Employ Australians
  • Take public transport, avoid taxis driven by foreigners
  • Train Australians
  • Buy Australian Made products
  • Holiday in Australia at local Australian tourist businesses
  • Cook at home, on the BBQ, save money,  avoid foreign take aways, shops, restaurants
  • Don’t learn a foreign language – improve your English skills
  • Donate to Australian charities like Mission Australia, Vinnies and The Smith Family, but not to foreign charities

If Australians don’t support Australians, no one will.

© 2011 Australia First Party
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