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We announce the launch of Eureka Youth League’s new dedicated nationalist website.

Over the next 12 months, the Eureka Youth League shall evolve and develop steadily across our Australian Nation with the first groups in schools, universities and other places where young Aussies enjoy life, express concerns about the future and seek trust.

Young Australians have an identity molded from European values, adapted as native to our soil.

Australian Nationalists will note that while the Eureka Youth League flies the Southern Cross Flag, it uses as an official logo the Lambing Flat Flag, a version of Australia’s proud Eureka Flag.

Jack Lang MP said when he discussed the ‘anti Chinese’ Lambing Flat Uprising of 1861, that this was a great moment in the birth of free labour in the colonies. He linked Eureka and Lambing Flat and thereby – linked the protest flags.

We respect Lang’s great foresight.

Right now, internal enemies to Australia’s sovereignty such as the globalist unions like the CFMEU, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the Australian Workers Union and other Labor Party satellites contest the Australia First Party’s right (sic) to fly the Eureka Flag.

Yet we know history remains on the side of Australian nationalists.  We shall repeatedly remind Australians of the historical truth.

Australia belongs to True Australians.  Nationalist is Not Right Wing.  We desire a return to the founding article of the Australian Commonwealth: A White, Free and Independent Australia.

Forward Eureka Youth League!

Eureka Youth League motto