Civil Resistance

Australia First Party, Australia’s only registered nationalist political party engages in community action.

The political method of the Party is the ‘Three Tier Method‘.  This means the Party performs three operations simultaneously:

  1. The Party contests elections – to engage with the Australian people around local and nationalist issues and to elect members to public office to put Australia and Australians first is every aspect of our nation’s traditional ancestral, cultural and socio-economic endeavour.
  2. The Party engages in community action to champion Australianist causes and fight against tyranny, injustice and invasion.
  3. The Party pursues Australia’s traditional ideological and cultural struggle.

Each method is integrated into the other and inseparable. When summed together, they amount to Civil Dissent.


Australia’s Cultural Struggle

Australia First Party pursues an ideological and cultural struggle against tyranny, injustice and invasion afflicting Australia and Australians.

It clarifies its criticism of the system to provide the dissenting Australian with clarity of position and faith that a change can be made and a superior system take the place of anti-national liberal globalism. The ideology defines Australia’s past and present and charts the path to an Australian Future of Identity, Independence and Freedom.

Connected to the development of an Australianist ideology, is the necessary defence of Australian heritage and identity and essential lifestyle at every point. The Party must be viewed in public as their best defence mechanism for heritage and identity and that the ideology arises from this need. Party campaigns and structures must be built to sustain this third tier of struggle.


Australians Resist Invasion!

Australians Resist Tyranny!

Australians Resist Injustice!