What You Can Do


  1. Letter box leaflet distribution.
  2. Send in ideas for activities – check your local area for any un-Australian agenda.
  3. Reproduce photocopies of leaflets and posters, and get friends to help distribute.
  4. Donate for specific purposes. eg. Information Items, Postage, Stationary, etc.
  5. Write up articles for a newsletter.
  6. Public hand out of leaflets with other members.
  7. Put up self-adhesive stickers.
  8. Engage in demonstrations.
  9. Paste up posters.
  10. Take up Cadre Membership responsibilities – commit to the AF Ideal.
  11. Purchase and wear our T-Shirts.
  12. Recruit family and friends.

Members choose their own involvement.  Whatever the involvement, it should be  undertaken with determination and consistency. Action can also be arranged in a small group.

All members have access to political booklets from the Information Service.

Stickers and Leaflets – Don’t leave home without them – a few in the pocket can do the job!


Poles – traffic and pedestrian,  all sorts etc; notice boards; Australia Post boxes; shopping centre doors, seats, railings, lifts, counters; Bank Flexi teller machines [keep head down]; anywhere and everywhere!


Leave all over the place! Public transport; Public places, libraries [in books/shelves/pin to notice boards], shopping centres; post boxes; shop counters and shelves; CES and Social Security Offices; Youth meeting points; Railway Stations; Street hand outs [organise a few mates]; Post off in any Reply Paid envelope you find.


Backs of signs; Telephone Boxes; Older Walls and Structures; Fire Hydrant Cabinets; Traffic Control Boxes; Building Site Hoardings etc.

Postering – use Selleys Aquadhere glue – mixed 20% glue to 80% water and when pasted up, run roller over face of poster. Generally avoid private property although multinationals, banks, politicians, and others of the Traitor Class are fair game. Get a few mates and work at night, using a bucket in a shopping bag with a roller or brush [roller preferred] and on foot away from vehicle, which should be parked away from immediate area. Use a beanie or face covering if required when spook cameras are thought to be about.