Blue Paper – Monocultural Cohesion

Our platform in regard to Australian Immigration is:

  • Australia since 1788 is a White European monocultural nation and must remain so in perpetuity
  • An immediate and indefinite moratorium on all immigration to Australia
  • We invite non-White Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians to leave Australia permanently
  • Islam as an illegal terror cult to be nationally banned from Australia in all its forms, mosques demolished, and islamic centres repurposed (starting with providing accommodation and meal services for dinkum Aussie homeless)
  • Repeal all Australia’s legislation relating to immigration, refugees, citizenship, multiculturalism and foreign human rights.
  • Enact Australian Values legislation nationally
  • Enact Conditional Citizenship legislation nationally
  • Reinstate the White Australian Policy by enacting the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, with necessary modifications to reflect the contemporaneous context
  • Permanently deport all foreign-born convicted criminals in Australia (not in Australian prisons) back to their country of debarkation to Australia
  • Permanently deport all foreign-born convicted criminals in Australia (in Australian prisons/detention centres) back to their country of debarkation to Australia – on respective bilateral agreement that their custodial sentences be served out in their respective countries.  Transgressions by these respective countries to be met with a blanket ban on their citizens visiting Australia.
  • Ban foreign scab labor nationally
  • Ban and roll out staged permanent deportation of all islamics, asians, arabs, pacific islanders, negros, and hispanics from Australia
  • Massively tax-penalise foreign ownership in Australian to the extent that foreigners are compelled to sell up back to Australian ownership
  • Restore Australia’s population to a pre-1972 Whitlam White Australia in numbers, demographics and social decency.
  • Ban foreign-born in Australia (including their offspring) employment or any contractual engagement with Australian security or defence in any way.

Monocultural Bliss like Aussie all remember