‘Leftard’ defined

Definition 1:  ‘Leftard’

Someone who is so far left-wing in ideology, that they make others believe that the person must be mentally handicapped – read: Retarded, to have such opinions.
Person 1: Did you hear Amy talking about how 9-11 was an inside job? That Bush actually knew about it and that Cheney actually planned it.
Person 2: Don’t listen to her, she is a Leftard.
Contributed by DK668 November 13, 2007
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Definition 2: ‘Leftard’

A person who jumps on the liberal bandwagon without really understanding any political issues because they think it is sexy and it goes along with their hippie, (or hipster), lumbersexual, pot-head image.
These people can often be spotted at the Eugene Saturday Market buying hemp clothing for 100s of dollars, wearing outfits that cost a ton but look like they are hand-made and falling apart. Leftards will never be able to engage in any meaningful discussion about their talking points, as they will only know one-sided and often vague facts about the issue, and will often hold seemingly contradictory ideas, such as supporting gay and women’s rights, but being against the only liberal democracy that upholds these rights in the Middle East, namely, Israel.
Leftards are what is wrong with the American Liberal and Leftist movements – they are quintessential posers who really just want to spend their parent’s money on drugs, expensive music festivals and “hippie” clothes – they will never spend money on actually supporting the causes they purport to care about. They suck and I seriously dislike them.
Q: “Hey, your outfit looks really awesome – did you make it?”
A: “No, I’m a leftard, so I spent $1000 to look homeless.”
That leftard was totally unable to stand up to sound argument, and had no idea of the geopolitical or social history of the issue, and I made him look like a fool in front of his pot-smoking, dread-locked posse.
Hey look, a whole bevvy of leftards at the Eugene Saturday Market banging on drums and agreeing blindly with each other.
Contributed by lovehippies May 02, 2011.
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Definition 3: ‘Leftard’

A person that appears to be behaving deliberately obtuse in regards to politics, but in fact actually believes simplistic or inaccurate left-wing spin as total fact. They are frequently found on online forums and can often be spotted by overuse of capitalization and the use of the word, “FACT”.

A Leftard is incapable and unwilling to understand anything that is politically complex and struggle to comprehend any other viewpoint. Anyone with an alternative viewpoint to a leftard, will expect to receive abuse and name-calling, despite the possibility that following Leftard dogma would result in total ruin of a country. Debate with a Leftard is entirely impossible – especially when any application of logic is required.

A Leftard will usually believe they are liberal minded despite being able to comprehend the basics of liberalism or any merits of economic liberalism.

Leftards will often group together into self congratulatory groups which often leads to a worsening of the mental condition.

Leftard: “Everyone should be given a weekly allowance by the govt, so that we can abolish work and live happily ever after”
Normal Person: “But if no-one worked, where would the money come from to give out to everyone?”
Leftard; “Shut up you Nazi – You’re clearly an evil tw*t. They should just take it from the bankers and the corporations”
Normal Person: “Sorry, I didn’t realise I was talking to a leftard”
Contributed by Ultramod August 05, 2015.

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