Disaffected Aussies

The following discussions and proposals of policy ideas come from our members and from ordinary Australians who have approached us.

As a grassroots broad spectrum political party, we recognise that policy must come from ordinary Australians’ own private contemplation, and from airing ideas at home, at work, in the street, even at the pub, and encouraged and facilitated at Australia First Party’s dedicated forums.

Australia’s national policy, by being grassroots formulated, and criticised, and debated, and fine-tuned – offers a better test of resilience to honourably serve ultimately the well-being of ordinary Australians.

Disaffected Voter Bad ChoiceDon’t be a disaffected fool !
Informal Votes only return the current government


LibLab DinosaurSun setting on the LibLab Dinosaur – irrelevant to improving the lives of ordinary Australians