Australian girls and women don’t feel safe in public places at night, thanks to Third World immigration policy

Liberal and Labor in Canberra happily approve Rampant Third World Immigration with no background checks.  They call it their dutiful UN humanitarian intake; typically 6000 every year, but then Rudd’s 12000 Middle Easterns and Africans managed to sneak in during 2013 and then Abbott’s extra 12,000 Syrians are due invading through 2016.

ASIO has recently confirmed that of Rudd Labor’s 50,000 illegal boat arrivals (2007-2013) nearly all were released on bridging visas into the Australian community, yet some 40,000 are still to be background checked.  They could all be Man Haron Monis types, and Goulburn Supermax is overcrowded with the jihadi scum, yet ASIO says “she’ll be right.

They’re all getting settled amongst the Australian community (with the full welfare wicket) in locations without us locals knowing. The numbers and their whereabouts remain secret. Yet they are aided and abetted by treacherous Refugee Advocates in a clandestine government-funded cell network across urban Australia. Ordinary needy Australians are missing out in favour of foreign Third Worlders.

And Treasurer Scott Morrison wonders why the costs of welfare, public health, public education and public housing are snowballing?

Well it ain’t a supply problem. It’s a prima facie over-immigration problem.

It’s much like how pedophiles get secretly relocated by corrective services after serving prison time to a safe house – with the blinds down and without any of the neighbours any the wiser, she’ll be right!.

Greens, Labor and the Refugee Advocates all want illegal Third Worlders (boats/planes/visa overstayers) gifted the same community housing welfare as the annual humanitarian intake.

So what do Tony Abbott’s 12000 Syrians look like?

12000 Syrian RefugeesWell, Melbourne’s Rod Laver (tennis) Arena has a 14000 seat capacity.


Another Western Sydney Mugging

Last night in Sydney’s ethnic enclave of Blacktown a 14-year-old girl was mugged and stabbed by a bearded Pacific Islander man.

The girl was sensibly with a male friend, but no matter they were both bailed up by a bearded coconut who demanded the girl’s pink backpack, before stabbing her in the back and fleeing with the bag.

She was taken to hospital.

Pacific Islander mugs teen girl in Blacktown

Typical Police protocol reports to the media that it is a one off random attack, like all the others every week.  They say, “Police are hoping to speak to man of Pacific Islander appearance with a thick black beard.”

Thanks to Third World blacks from barbaric societies let into Australia and let roam in Australia’s communities with no ID, no background checks, no community notice or warning – Australian women are being increasingly being attacked and raped by these foreigners.

Nigger Gangs invade Melbourne Federation SquareNegros do ‘da riot fing’ in Melbourne – New Year’s Eve, White Night, Moomba – any excuse for machete bovver bruvva!


Thanks to the ongoing Rampant Third World Mass Immigration policies of both Greens-Labor Coalition and Labor Nationals Coalition, our Australian women are not safe to walk in their own country.  Third World immigration has brought da barbaric scum downunder.  Blondes need not fear walking just in Africa or the Middle East.  Now it’s anywhere in efnic Melbourne, efnic Sydney, efnic Brisbane, efnic Perth, where ever da blacks roam da streets and parks and dark alleyways.

Thanks to the ongoing open door mass immigration, one in three young Australian women do not believe they should be in public spaces at night, a report has found.  The survey was recently jointly commissioned by ‘Plan International Australia’ and ‘Our Watch’, each not-for-profits dedicated to preventing violence against women.

Read:  Plan International Australia website

Read:  Our Watch website

Read: Original Report at the end of this article.

The report, ‘A Right to the Night‘ by the research firm Ipsos, questioned 600 young women across Australia aged 15 to 19.

Nearly a quarter of those asked also said they did not think young women should ever travel on public transport alone.  Many women are also “modifying” their attire to avoid unwanted attention.  A quarter of young women believed they should never take public transport alone.

Australia has become dangerous for Western Women because Third World male gangs now roam urban Australia – our cities and towns.

It is the consequence of naive Leftist open immigration of da poor starving blacks.

Young Aussie women interviewed say the reasons for feeling unsafe included:

  • The many incidents of sexual assaults on women
  • Feeling uncomfortable around men who had been drinking
  • Feeling insecure in relatively empty areas with poor lighting

“There’s this in-built kind of fear that you all acknowledge that you shouldn’t go out at night if you’re a girl,” 18-year-old Kea Tokley-Higgs, a first year university student, said.  Ms Tokley-Higgs and two friends said they did not find the results surprising — they all feel unsafe after dark in public places.

Australian women surveyed in Right to the Night Report 2016Australian women surveyed in the 2016 ‘Right to the Night’ report


“Women should feel safe enough to go outside at night. Women are as much a part of the society as men are, so we should have every right to the public space,” 18-year-old Lana Rice said.  “It’s just so shocking and disappointing that a country like ours is still suffering from these sort of ideas, and this fear that’s spreading for all the young women,” Grady-Mae Dixon, also 18, said.

That number also was not a surprise for Sherry Xu, 18, who is particularly uneasy on public transport after dark.  “At night time, when I’m alone, I feel a little bit apprehensive.” Ms Xu said, as she rode on a relatively empty train in the evening in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. (Arab fake refugees, Sudanese fake refugees, Somali fake refugees, Islanders pretending to be Kiwis).  She is also deeply affected by reports of assaults on women.

“Because of these stories, I do feel more frightened when I am taking public transport. Because I’m frightened that these things might actually happen to me, as someone who’s also a young woman.”

Plan International said perhaps the most troubling response to the survey was when young women were asked about clothing.  One of the things that really emerged out of the research is this culture we have in Australia of victim blaming.

Seventeen per cent agreed that when a girl wears revealing clothing, she is partially responsible for unwanted attention or harassment.

“One of the things that really emerged out of the research is this culture we have in Australia of victim blaming,” Plan International Australia’s Susanne Legena said.  “Young women have internalised that … they’re choosing to stay at home, modify the clothes they wear, in order to feel safe.”

It seems even Australian state police are being trained to preference sexism prevailing over racism.

“When someone gets attacked, or a woman specifically, the police question is: ‘What was she wearing?’ ‘How did she act?’ ‘Was she drinking?’ ‘Cause she was asking for it if she was drinking.”

Police are explicitly instructed to always play down racial profiling, because the Left is always ready to pounce, like Greens MP Jenny Leong of Sydney’s Newtown.

Greens MP Jenny LeongShe’s the one with the beads


But then Jenny Leong, not her real asian name, is not Australian.

Grady-Mae Dixon believes victim blaming has become firmly entrenched in Australian culture, largely because of uncontrolled immigration from the barbaric Third World coupled with Multiculturalism policy that encourages Third Worlders to retain their barbaric cultures in Australia.

Young women in Australia felt more unsafe in public spaces than did their counterparts in Nicaragua in Central America, where only 23 per cent of young women felt they should avoid public spaces after dark.

The report recommends practical and wide-ranging solutions, avoiding the obvious cause.

It suggests:

  • Improved lighting at night
  • Female victims taking a higher priority on their personal security on public transport.
  • Female victims being more responsible reporting about sexual assaults
  • More education for young men about the rights of young women (but not before the Negros and Coconuts are gifted Australian visas).

Third World BeardsIn the meantime ladies, state police in Australia say beware the Third World Beards – Coconuts, Muzzies