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New Public Meeting Scheduled:

Overseas Students Go Home!

Public Meeting in Sydney:

  • Saturday, July 26,  1.30 pm – 3.30 pm
    725 Princes Highway, Tempe, (inner Sydney), New South Wales
  • Australia First Party and Eureka Youth League
  • Enquiries:   Tel:  02-8587 0014

End the ethnic cleansing of Australians from our education institutions!

Australian school, TAFE and university education opportunities and curricula continue to be steadily skewed by a state imposed liberal-globalist ideological agenda enforced at street level by extreme-Left sects.

It is wrong. It is dangerous and decidedly unAustralian. However it is but one symptom of the crisis of our tertiary education system.

The most visible sign of the attack upon Australian youth to realize their future is the Overseas Student Program.Revisionist History

It is the greatest of crimes against Australian youth.  The Overseas Student Program now involves perhaps 400,000 students.  Foreign students change the cultural life of our universities reducing them to diploma factories for the Asian economy.

Communists burning books

The sale of education overseas represents the corporatisation of the Australian university.
In the contemporary Australian university, Australian history, geography literature and related courses are downplayed as irrelevant to the foreign student and to those Australians who are needed as cogs in the economic system. This is an attack upon our identity.

Re-employing university resources to the foreigner frees up ‘space’ for the foreigners, for the foreign curriculum – all this must end!

Australian History

Now the Liberals under Abbott want to privatise, corporatise our education, or else relegate it to online only status.  Education will either be priced out of reach of ordinary Australians ‘from kindy to uni‘, or just so online as to be useless.

Online DegreesOnline Education

Foreign students drive up house prices and steal many casual jobs. They then apply for visas to migrate to Australia and take over jobs our people never get because many were excluded from university in the first place.

We say enough is enough!   Defend the right of our brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren to an Australian education!

Price segregation of Ordinary Australians from Australian universities encourages wealthy foreigners to get Australian degrees, facilitating immigration and stealing Australian jobs denied to Ordinary Australians.  How is this agenda not ethnic cleansing of the Australian?

  • Don’t sell off our education!
  • University places for Australians!
  • No overseas student rights to migrant visas!
  • No overseas student in an Australian job!

Making education expensive and out of reach of ordinary Australians is ostracism on a national scale.  It is ethnic cleansing of Australians from our education institutions!