ANZAC Day is about remembering, but more importantly about respect and recognition

John Simpson Kirkpatrick
Simpson and his Donkey at Gallipoli, May 1915

Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick is well recognised as one of Australia’s most famous, and best-loved military heroes.

On the 25th April 1915 he, along with the rest of the Australian and New Zealand contingent landed at Gallipoli in Turkey – ordered by the British to land at the wrong beach on a piece of wild, impossible and savage terrain now known as Anzac Cove.

During the morning hours of April 26th , along with his fellows, Jack was carrying casualties back to the beach over his shoulder – it was then that he saw the donkey, an animal he had grown up with.

Jack used the donkey over twenty four days of fierce and deadly battle to rescue over 300 men down the notorious Monash Valley.  He did this selfless service under constant and ferocious attack from artillery, field guns and sniper fire, until he was fatally hit by enemy machine gun bullet in his back on 19th May 1915.

Australian Captain C. Longmore, in 1933, remembered how the soldiers “watched him spellbound from the trenches… it was one of the most inspiring sights of those early Gallipoli days.”

Australian Colonel John Monash an eye witness wrote “Private Simpson and his little beast earned the admiration of everyone at the upper end of the valley. They worked all day and night throughout the whole period since the landing, and the help rendered to the wounded was invaluable.

Jack was recommended for the Victoria Cross, officially, through his unit, on June 3rd 1915. He was also recommended for the highest military honours by Colonel (later General Sir John) Monash, Australia’s greatest commander of the First World War.

Unfortunately, the senior medical officer at Anzac, Colonel Howse VC, had given faulty instructions to the junior officer preparing Simpson’s citation.  Jack was recommended under the wrong category of heroism and consequently his VC request was denied.

In July 1967 Australian leaders tried to correct this tragic error by sending a petition to the British War Office, signed by Prime Minister Holt, the Governor General, the Chief of the General Staff, and other leaders on behalf of the Australian people, requesting that a posthumous Victoria Cross be awarded to Private John Simpson Kirkpartrick. The request was denied, on the grounds that it would be setting a dangerous precedent. This  was incorrect. The precedent had already been set. In 1907 two British officers, Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill were posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions in South Africa, twenty-eight years previously.

It is now 33 years since this petition was tendered by Australia’s leading citizens. The denial of the request by a handful of people in Whitehall, England was a disgracefull slight on Australia’s Political and Military leaders and of the people they represented.
It begs the question: ” Why is an award from another country more important than any honour we may bestow on our own heroes?”

Why have successive Australian Governments since 1991 chosen not to confer on Simpson his rightful honours with the Victoria Cross for Australia?

It would be a fitting honour, long overdue, for the currently visiting representative of the British Royal Family and heir to the British throne, Prince William Duke of Cambridge, to posthumously grant  Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick the Victoria Cross while he is respecting ANZACs at the Australian War Memorial tomorrow.

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Beyond a sex scandal – the grub side of the Australian politics

Labor’s “moral task” of renewal should reflect on its record.

Labor morality, ethics, governance, integrity, public service independence and honour ? …

Labor CarrnageConsider, on November 22, 2013, a story was run in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. Some readers would have been excused for believing that it was just another story of a squalid sexual tryst imposed on a female constituent by a male politician; or, as some said, an unfair exercise of power by a male in authority who managed a consensual affair, but one which was surely morally and ethically questionable, yet unremarkable.

The story was meant for television too, but lawyers for Labor’s factionally installed ex-Premier of NSW, Nathan Rees, the politician at issue, ensured it was not canned.

The base facts were set out in a lot of journalism last November and we might suggest that our readers take the time later to brush over these details.


However, we say that the matter is far more serious than the mass journalism implied.

Certainly, Labor’s Nathan Rees showed a remarkable appetite for the exercise of carnal power. He abused his trust and his office and betrayed his wife and his friends. So only recently, when he gave notice that he would leave the New South Wales Parliament at the next election, he cited his fight against corruption as giving him the brownie points to be remembered as a good bloke.

He had the praise of New South Wales Labor powerbroker, Carmel Tebbutt, who offered kind words.

So, he goes to a happier life and all is well in Camp Labor.

What is clear to many constituents, friends of his victim and even rank and file Labor folk – is that all is not well in Camp Labor and the matter goes well beyond abuse of office.

A Gang of Mates

Consider that his female victim went up to a Labor politician in the street and asked for advice. This politician, Michelle Rowland,  said: “you’re not going to talk about this, are you?” And then bid her good day.

Rowland, who represents the Federal electorate of Greenway in western Sydney, works closely with Nathan Rees. She styles herself as some of Labor lawyer good-girl activist who stands up for women’s interests. But when faced with a challenge to the integrity of one of her male Labor colleagues, she sided with the party straight away. Did she know where her interest lay?

In the system parties, everything is about the image presented. Sometimes they abandon a colleague – like the corrupt Eddie Obeid – but generally they close ranks first and just lie and play verbal games with the people and the truth.

Has Tebbutt just done that?   As the better-half of the marriage with Anthony Albanese, she represents the Sydney inner-city Labor push who are the nouveau-riche (the new wealthy ones), those who have lied and schemed their way to a place in the Labor food-chain. Rats.

Does Tebbutt know about Rees’s alleged predatory conduct?  But it’s more politique to just shut up in public, even if she pushed him out in private.

Are some politicians mentally ill?

In an obsessional relationship, it follows that once the affected person loses all sense of balance, he subsequently drags the victim into a nightmare world.

So, Nathan dragged his victim into a web of secret meetings and sexual activity, falsehood, scheming and petty deceits and false confidences. He had examined a file on the victim, noting that she had (managed) psychological issues of her own and preyed upon her like Dracula.

Access has been granted to the phones owned by the female victim. There are 1,767 messages on one phone, 680 on a second and 148 on a third. They indicate upon analysis a man out of control, using his valuable time to negotiate an illicit relationship. It is fairly certain that while he sat in parliament, deciding the public business, he was ‘sexting’ his victim. When he should have been serving the people, he was ‘wasting’ his public time.

Other women were also reportedly targets of Mr. Rees. How had these been targeted? Some names have been provided to us, including a parliamentary worker and a borderline-personality-disorder-affected woman in public housing. It all serves to anger the ordinary person against the political caste – and rightly so!

How did it come to this? Nathan Rees was a staffer to jailed paedophile and Labor politician, Milton Orkopoulos. This predator had his predations covered over for years until another staffer blew the whistle.

  • Are politicians ever really vetted?
  • How can they be?
  • Who monitors them when they serve in an oligarchy which seeks to manipulate the public?
  • When secrets are kept?
  • Can sick conduct be ‘learned’ and ‘assimilated’ by others – we mean in the terms of mental disorder?

In our view, Rees either belongs in a very small room with bunks and a toilet, or should be the subject of a class action civil suit.

What can ever be done?

Allowing politicians to simply ‘quit’ parliaments solves nothing. Nor do few ever attempt to make amends for sins committed. Nor usually are agencies proactive in seeking to make enquiries.

Under the regime of liberal and globalist politics, we can only expect many of our supposed leaders to be greatly flawed people.

The system itself is a sickness of greed and exploitation and grand plans at growth and alleged progress which ride rough shod over the common Australian. The system attracts every would-be to try his hand. The political caste finds the perks of office usually after they leave the parliaments and are duly rewarded.

Some it seems profit from exploiting the vulnerable whilst they are in office. It is hoped that the likes of Mr. Rees can all be exposed before they reap too many ‘rewards’. Hope springs eternal, but the truth ….. ?

Labor absolution has some ways to go.

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